Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Follow Up To Last Month's Updates

As October was drawing to a close, I did an entry that updated everyone on my musical comings and goings.  Things didn't quite pan out the way they were supposed to with a few of those adventures.  That's not totally bad though.

My audition for Jamodo got bumped back to tomorrow due to a family issue with one of the members of the band.  I have to admit I"m a little nervous, and it's totally my fault for not practicing more.  Still, I think I can make a run at this.  I'll let you know how it went after tomorrow night.

In early December, I was to head to the Redmond, Washington area (aka Trowar HQ) to do another gig and some rehearsing.  That also was bumped back - probably February of 2013.  I did get an update from Fred on the status of the CD as well as my "homework" before we meet again:
Matt, things went well the CD is mastered and sounds amazing
We need a photo of you asap, we figured possibly something of you sitting at a table playing cards with a bottle of whisky and a cigar or something?
Oh Lord - this should be funny.  Maybe I should head to Brown County and get one of those dopey souvenir faux tintypes made.  The upshot is it will provide an interesting photography challenge for me, and I can showcase the rad rye whiskey I've been sipping on lately.

Okay - updates soon.  Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

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