Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas: George & Kitty Read The Story Of Christ's Birth

On Thanksgiving Day of 2010, I slipped away from the feasting and football and met my parents in the guest bedroom of my sister's house.  I had asked them to read their favorite gospel account of Christ's birth.  After a couple of takes, we had what we needed.  It was funny to see them slightly nervous to record for this project, which at that time was meant to be a surprise for my wife.  They wanted it to sound just right.
Because I did the post production on this, you'll notice the quality of this recording isn't great.  For example, I have no idea why they sound like their noses sound like they are being pinched.  On the original tracks, their voices sound fine.  For all my shortcomings as a sound guy, this is one of the most moving audio tracks I have.  It is one I return to a lot.  I don't want to go into why I feel that way, but I will say this track fills me with respect, awe, and love for my mom and dad. 

Reader #1:  Kitty Zink
Reader #2:  George Zink
"Away In The Manger" performed by Kevin Reynolds.

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