Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Don't We Go Ahead And Review Last Year's Holiday Music Posts?

When do you start playing Christmas music at your house (if at all)?  If you're ready for it now, enjoy the Cosby Sweaters' version of "Blue Christmas".

Why do I like "Do They Know It's Christmas?" so much?  It's such a fucking condescending song.  Is it Phil Collins' competent drumming?  Is it Bono's part, a part wherein he says that he wanted to sound like "Bruce Springsteen on the toilet"?  (By the way, bravo on that, Bono.)  Is it George Michael's overwrought singing, complete with that little piss shiver vocalization on the word "ones"?  I don't know for sure.  How can I like something so awful?

I took a moment to contemplate Robert Earl Keen's masterful writing on "Merry Christmas From The Family".  This is definitely one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

Dig on Leslie Donovan's a capella version of "Silent Night" (and listen closely for the car that drives by outside); then check out the Cosby Sweaters' "Peppermint Stick Shiv", a song with a connection to the holidays that tenuous at best.

And then there is the "Parental Advisory" Christmas playlist.  Aside from the fact that one of the best tunes is missing, this is a phenomenal mix for your holiday comings and goings.

After he visited our house, Santa left a thank you message (and a text!) for our kids.  Note Prancer's identity confusion in this message.

. . . there now.  Feeling like some spiked eggnog yet?  Not yet?  Stay tuned - some more great Christmas-y posts coming up soon!

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