Thursday, January 31, 2013

Audio Scratch Pad: "Crossing The Creek" By The Creekdogs

In November 2011, Dan, Kevin and I got together and decided to update the Creekdogs demo.  Some of the gigs we do require a demo, and we've been submitting the same stuff for years now.  On this demo - which is six songs long - there's more of an emphasis on original music, which is where the band is heading more and more.  In fact, of the six songs, only one is a cover tune.  Of course, the inherent nature of demos isn't that they're perfect; they're merely to give the listener a sense of what the band is all about.  This is definitely true of this demo. But you have to listen close to hear any mistakes, and I'm pretty sure all the missteps are mine.  None the less, I'm very proud of how this demo turned out, thanks in no small part to Kevin's post production work.

At any rate, "Crossing the Creek" is the one that charms me the most.  I thought I'd showcase it here.  Enjoy!
The Creekdogs are:
Dan Lodge-Rigal:  guitar
Kevin Reynolds:  Dobro
Matt Zink:  upright bass

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