Friday, January 4, 2013

Fat Friday Feature: The Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie On "Blister In The Sun"

Every other Friday I feature a favorite bass player and/or bass part.  Today, it's Brian Ritchie's playing on "Blister In The Sun".  This post is for Terry - we were on the same page for this one.

Selecting "Blister In The Sun" as Brian Ritchie's contribution to the "Fat Friday Feature" might be a bit predictable - after all, there's plenty of great bass heavy Violent Femmes tracks to choose from - but let's face it:  for a lot of people my age, the Violent Femmes (and by extension, Ritchie's bass playing) were their gateway drug into what was known in the 1980s as "college music".  The Violent Femmes were my first exposure to the acoustic power trio as well as my first exposure to the Ernie Ball Earthwood bass.  Ritchie's playing would be fine on an electric bass, but the attack and percussive sound of the acoustic bass guitar really put his bass lines up front and in the driver's seat on each tune. His playing is a perfect balance between quirky and in the pocket; between poppy and jazzy.  If you're awe struck by "Blister In The Sun", don't stop there - keep digging into Brian Ritchie and the Violent Femmes.

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