Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: I'm In Lessons Again

We've got a piano in our house now, the next logical step is lessons.  I can cross piano lessons off the list now:  I start piano lessons next week.  I'm pretty excited.  I need to hit it hard as this will really do a lot to round me out as a musician; it will really make a lot of things come together for me.  My goals are simple and in this order:
  1. Start on theory as soon as possible so that I might be able to improvise, thereby making me a better bass player.  (So yes, I'm learning piano to be a better bass player.)
  2. Start on theory as soon as possible to begin doing some songwriting.
  3. Learn to read music.
My teacher (Sean) is a bass player in the Jacobs School of Music who specializes in jazz.  He'll be finishing his studies soon (I think in December), but I don't care:  I think this will be a good fit and I'm ready to go.  Exciting stuff - I hope it works out!

Now to get the kids enrolled in lessons as well. . .


  1. How was the move of mom and dad's piano? Did you get it all tuned up?

    1. move was fine. needs to be tuned up big time, but I'll be taking care of that soon. we love having it at our house! Definitely getting played a lot.