Friday, March 29, 2013

Fat Friday BATTLE ROYALE: Round One Winners

I will do a graphic representation later on down the road, but here are the bassists who advance to the next round of my little contest of bassists featured at this blog.  Here's how the tournament started, and here are the next round's match ups:

The Women's Division:

  • Esperanza Spalding (defeated Aimee Mann) vs. Meshell Ndeleocello (defeated - narrowly - Kim Clarke)
The Unknown Bassists Division:
  • Unknown Bassist from Steppenwolf (defeated Unknown Bassist from Felix Da Housecat) vs. the Unknown Bassist from the Pointer Sisters (who defeated Unknown Dude Demoing A Staggs Electric Upright Bass)
The Dark Horse Division:
  • The Joel Paterson Trio's Beau Sample (defeated Bridget Kearney of Lake Street Dive) vs. the Vince Guaraldi Trio's Fred Marshall (defeated Urban Dance Squad's Silvano Matadin)
The Bass Establishment Division:
  • The Who's John Entwistle (defeated Charles Mingus) vs. Rush's Geddy Lee (defeated Yes's Chris Squire)
I will confess to having no set judging criteria - it was highly subjective.  That being said, it made me think about each individual matchup in a different and unique way, which I think is good.  I looked at each match up and more or less thought about:
  • Which player do I listen to more?
  • Which player has had a bigger influence on both my life and my playing?
  • Which player has the better technical chops?  Which player plays with more feeling/energy?
  • What are other considerations for why I like this player so much?  (Band leader?  Song writer?  Singer?  Activist?
I did disqualify a few people outright to make it competitive.  For example, if Mike Watt was in this bracket, he'd most assuredly win.  

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