Friday, March 22, 2013

Fat Friday Feature BATTLE ROYALE!

Everybody and their sister is doing a bracket, so what the heck:  I'll do it too.  This one is a battle between some of the bass players I have showcased on "Fat Friday Features".  Where will the victor come from?  The Women's division?  The Unknowns division?  The Bass Establishment division?  Or the Dark Horse division?  Over the next few days, I'll update with my picks.  But I'd love to hear your picks for each round - leave 'em in the comments section.
(Click to enlarge.)

Here's a link to a graphical representation if'n you want to print a bracket up.  And below are the contenders, each linked to their respective blog entries.  May that baddest bass player win!

The Women:
The Establishment:
The Random Dudes:
The Dark Horses:

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