Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm Durnk/Drunk Blogging

I ranted at one point about assholes who use music stands when they play (of course, there are some exemptions).  I'd link to it, but even my browser is being an asshole.*  Guess what?  I used a music stand for a gig tonight.  I was playing ukulele for a great song called "Hula Blues".  I still sucked.  You know why?  Because I didn't practice.  The music stand didn't help.

Tonight, I watched two bands after us play.  The second one was boring as shit.  I noticed that they had a rhythm player, a lead player, and a bass player.  They all had tuners attached to their headstocks.  What's the common thread you might ask.   It's this:  the tuners on the head stocks, the music stands - they're safety nets.  They're crutches.  There are exceptions, but not many - I've seen video of (but not live) footage of Esperanza Spalding playing with a clip on tuner on her headstock.

Again I say:  fuck your music stand.  Fuck your clip on tuner.  They are distraction.  They belay your lack of confidence.  They tell me you didn't practice/you don't practice/you're scared shitless.  You're still boring/local/not even wedding reception quality.  Practice, practice, practice  - that's the only way.

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