Monday, March 18, 2013

Off Topic: Some Notes On My NCAA Picks

It is March.  It is the time of year when we have to put up with obnoxious corporately coined and trademarked terms like "March Madness" and "bracketology".  It is the time of year when even your mom can place smarter bets than you and flat screened TVs go on sale ("MARCH MAYHEM SALE!!") for the first time since the Super Bowl.  It is the time when reporters drag out their tired ass stories about all the productivity that will be lost filling out brackets and streaming basketball games on the down low at work.  Of course I'm talking about the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

I'm indifferent at best to basketball, which I'm pretty sure is a prosecutable offense here in the state of Indiana. I do, of course, follow the Indiana Hoosiers and to a lesser extent Notre Dame; but I can't tell you anything about the game itself or regale you with statistics and bullshit opinions.  I was always a "football guy" because I could relate to the brutality and toughness of the sport. Basketball in my estimation required coordination and grace that I could never even dream of, so there are few things in the game that piqued my interest.

That being said, it is the sport of the buzzer beater and the 3-point shot (and the three point buzzer beater).  Leads can swing wildly; "Goliaths" are slain by "Cinderellas".  A perfectly timed, authoritative dunk or block can swing the momentum of the game, and all the crap we like about sports (competition, redemption, drama, etc.) is present in abundance at tournament time.  There's all that, and honestly the Big 10 looks really strong this year - I want to see what happens to those teams. So I did two brackets in cousin Brian's tournament pool.

Here's the low down on my picks:

  • I have Louisville winning one and Michigan winning the other.
  • I have the Big 10 making a strong showing in both brackets, but more so in one bracket than the other.
  • My picks are pretty conservative - I don't have a lot of upsets picked.  Anything I have would be called a "surprise" more than an upset.
  • I tried to remove my heart from the picking process, relying instead on instinct and seed number.
  • Even though I didn't have them winning it all, I am optimistic about Indiana's chances to win it all.
What about your picks - what do they look like?

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