Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Link Dump, Pt. 2: Wherein I Share Links That Have Nothing To With The Audio Input Of My Life

  • If you were giddy about reports that the car the Boston Marathon bombers were driving had one of those "Coexist" stickers on it, a.) you're looking at the wrong car, and b.) you're just a dick.  On a tangent - is there anything more sad and unfunny than a comedian (like Adam Corolla) who has swung hard to the right?  Case in point #1, case in point #2.
  • Here's a clip with Whitney Houston and goats.  It's not what you think it is.  It's better.
  • The Kentucky Derby is upon us - what better time to read Hunter S. Thompson's essay "The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent And Depraved".  And here's some dope art to go along with that.
  • We've had our first significantly warm day today, and I'm in heaven.  Naturally, my thoughts have turned to summer and summer beverages.  I'm back to an old standby in the drink rotation and I'm loving it on the rocks - that's it.  I am intrigued by this drink recipe and may give it a go at some point. I've also been craving Vernor's ginger ale and Hires root beer, which are both beverages that are inextricably linked to summer for me.
  • I'm working on my summer to do list.  Here's what's on it so far:  eat the perfect steak (or any steak really), do at least 3 bike rides of 30 miles or more, be able to play at least 2-3 songs on piano by the end of the summer, go fishing with the kids, launch a model rocket with the kids, continue going to the driving range with my son (we've done two trips so far this spring), and on and on.  What's your summer "to do" list look like?

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