Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiting For The Tigers

Every spring I make a vow to follow the Detroit Tigers, and ever year I fail to do so.  This year, I've subscribed to a couple of blogs and the Tigers official Twitter feed.  Right now, I'm trying to decide if I should keep following the blogs.  I like the baseball, but I know nothing about the game let alone the Detroit Tigers.  I have misgivings about the blogs I'm following (like this one and this one) because they don't make sense to a casual fan like me.  The terminology, the analysis, the inside jokes - I'd say I only understand roughly about 60% of what I read from those blogs.

More importantly, they don't have the accessibility, the immediacy or the warmth of listening to a broadcast or seeing the game in person.  That's just an inherent problem with blogging about sports.  I will probably keep the Tigers Twitter feed open this afternoon when the Tigers host the Blue Jays and see how that goes.  I think they do live tweet the game, but I'm sure I'll have to sort through all the crap that the poor marketing intern has to upload to the feed between plays.  We'll see - I don't really have any use for Twitter, so I'm trying to keep an open mind.

What I'm  excited about is finding that WCCW in Traverse City, Michigan is streaming the game online today.  This awakens very fond memories for me of listening to Tigers games on quiet summer evenings up at the cottage.  Dad would click on this massive, pristine cherrywood AM console stereo that, after the initial unpleasantries of the racket it made when you turned it on (I think it had dust in the pots of the knobs), would bring the game to us as clear as you can get on AM.  The screen doors would let in the cool night air, kids would be sipping on a Vernor's and working on a puzzle or playing checkers; the adults would be sipping on their Manhattans and reading the newspapers or playing cards.  At some point someone would probably pop some corn, and the Tigers would play on while we quietly listened.  Admittedly, this is an obnoxiously quaint scene I'm painting here - Norman Rockwell could paint this shit - but I don't care.  Thinking about it provides a heck of an escape for me.

Similarly, I remember moving home from Arizona, driving through the Texas panhandle and catching a Texas Rangers broadcast as I scanned the radio.  The drive was long (approximately 12-16 hours) and hot; but as the sun began setting and I settled into that game, I found peace, relaxation, and a great game.  It was probably THE key factor to getting me safely to my destination that night.

So the Tigers broadcast (which has started since I began this entry this morning) will be my escape for this afternoon.  At some point, I'll redo this turd of an entry and tease it into a new entry advocating listening to sports broadcasts instead of watching them.  (I'm not the only one who feels this way.)  But I can't worry about that now - Tigers hosting the Blue Jays right now!

P.S.  For the record, the Tiger's Twitter feed isn't really that helpful for following the game.  Here's the live blog of the game.

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