Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'll Be Working From The Beach Today

Today this website popped up in one of my blog feeds.  It allows you to mix various nature sounds together and even download your finished product. I tried mixing in some sounds with the beach sound, but I have found I am perfectly content just listening to the waves of the beach.  I've been doing my work with this sound filling my ears via my headphones; and I have to admit this is relaxing to me.  (I've done some similar sounds here at History Lesson Pt. 2 here and here)

The downside of listening to the waves coming into my ears is that it puts me into even more of a vacation mindset, and I have a way to go before the first day of vacation (July 3rd) gets here.  I've already put in for vacation (extra long this time), lined up transportation so we can bring a ton of stuff, and started a packing list.  I've made a note to bring the four track recorder, so hopefully I'll be uploading some cool sounds from vacation.

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