Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Photography Of Nikki Sixx

I could not give a single damn about Motely Crue and their exploits.  Their music is terrible, their rep is even worse and their personal lives seem to be nothing but TMZ fodder.  Sure, there was the time I was tempted to read Nikki Sixx's book, but I'm sure that thought disappeared from my brain pan as fast it flashed into it. The rise/fall/redemption stories will always be interesting to me, but I probably figured there were other junkie stories that were executed better.

But check out ol' Nikki's latest artistic foray:
If you check out his Tumblr blog, it is full of spectacular work.  Not to make too much of it, but I was shocked to find myself thinking that his work reminded me of one of my favorite photographers - Eugene Richards.  I think Sixx's struggles with addiction have given him the great eye and likely the network of endlessly interesting subjects.  I have to say I'm super impressed with what I've seen there.  And if I sound suprised, it's because I am.  Sixx is producing interesting, meaningful art.  Who'd a thunk?

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