Monday, June 10, 2013

Off Topic: History Lesson Pt. 2 Recommends The Sociological Images Blog

Although I have no serious regrets, I sometimes think that majoring (or at least minoring*) in sociology would have been a far more useful course of study for me than 20th century U.S. History.  In my mind, sociology is influences and permeates everything; it provides a valuable framework for which I understand almost everything.  Knowing something of sociology contributes to my understanding of the world more than I can say, even with my limited knowledge of the field.

The newest subscription in my feed reader is Sociological Images, which I discovered through Boing Boing.  Sociological Images is written by Dr. Lisa Wade of Occidental College and Dr. Gwen Sharp of Nevada State University and a handful of other contributors.  In a nutshell, the blog explores current events and issues in sociological context in an immensely entertaining and informative way.  It is academic, accessible and relevant.  I actually feel like a better person for reading it.  Some of my favorite articles are linked below.

. . . and those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Head over to the Sociological Images blog, but be prepared to spend a lot of time there.  It's that damn good.

* - I graduated with a BA in US history, then went back to school to get a teaching degree.  When I re-enrolled, I found I was only three credit hours short of minoring in three different subjects: sociology, theology and English.  I figured "what the heck" and got my minor. . . in theology.  Idiot.

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