Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Slightly Embarrassing, Tangentially Related To "The Sonic Input In My Life"

Like many people who sit in front of a computer for any length of time, I used to have a serious addiction to the StumbleUpon button I had installed in Firefox.  For the uninitiated, StumbleUpon is a button within your browser that randomly takes you to websites that might interest you based on the preferences you enter on your free user account. Every time you click the button, you get to a new website.

I don't use StumbleUpon anymore, but I never closed down my account.  Periodic emails from the StumbleUpon team are a small part of the vast amounts of daily gray mail I get in my inbox.  As is the case with gray mail, I almost never read it.  For whatever reason, I clicked on the latest email from StumbleUpon.  I had to laugh because I totally forgot about the lame user name I had to select when I created my account:
Other names I could've selected that might have been worse:

  • smoothoperator1971
  • boyjezebel
  • soldieroflove2013

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