Monday, September 16, 2013


As the crisp, fall morning warmed to a stunning fall day, and after the final notes of Fred Eaglesmith's "Before I Go" were offered to the Bloomington Farmer's Market crowd; Dan, Kevin and I nodded at each other and began taking down our gear.  This was the last Creekdogs gig for the foreseeable future; maybe the last ever Creekdogs gig.  This past Saturday couldn't have been more perfect (at least weather-wise) for it.
One last sound check.
I've had time to emotionally prepare for this, so I was able to enjoy the gig.  You have to understand I've been playing with Dan and Kevin since something like 2005, possibly earlier.  Knowing that this was our last gig was really hard on me for awhile.  I thought about it real hard - what was it that was making me so heart broken about it?  I mean, I could literally feel pain in my chest when I thought about the fact we only had one more gig left to do.

I determined that it wasn't so much that I'll miss the music, although that is certainly a huge part of it.  I have really come to love those two.  The thought that I will no longer be interacting with them on a regular basis has really bummed me out pretty badly.  There was a great deal of comfort with those guys and I never, ever took for granted a single moment I had with them.  My greatest gigs and musical moments have happened because of them, and I will always be indebted to both of them because of it.

As my wife has pointed out, you never know what the future will bring.  Maybe this will not be the last of the Creekdogs.  But for now, I believe it probably is.  And that's okay.  I'm not as sad as I once was about it.  Now I am just grateful beyond words.

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