Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Musical Memory

I remember seeing/hearing this video, hanging out at Bill's house on Stull.  Doors open, warm breeze coming in the front of the house.  Lying on the floor, reading (and not getting) a "Love and Rockets" comic, getting a deep crush on Luba.  And of course, smoking ciggies - probably Winston Lights.

I remember having mixed feelings about this song and video, which I had seen on MTV's "120 Minutes".  With the totally new, mostly synth based sound of  the "Ideal Copy" album, I wasn't sure if Wire had jumped the shark or accelerated their musical evolution.  The album - and their new sound - eventually grew on me though I'll always be partial to what I consider their ground breaking, unappreciated and unheralded work of the 1970s.  Don't believe it's awesome?  Go buy a copy of "Pink Flag".  Go rent the "Wire on the Box" DVD.  Wire's modern, minimalist sound and song structure of the 70s era still feels very ahead of it's time.

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