Thursday, November 7, 2013

Around The Internet [Updated]

Here's some of the stuff that's got my attention on the Internet:

  • PBS's documentary on Jimi Hendrix is getting some attention.  I'm looking forward to checking it out even though I only recognized two people (Steve Winwood and Paul McCartney) they interviewed in the trailer.  I don't listen to Hendrix too often, but hearing even his old standards like "Voodoo Chile" in the background of the trailer got me excited to check out this documentary.
  • NPR has a great interview with the Bad Plus's Dave King despite the horrible, horrible interviewer.  (Some gems:  "Is being a drummer hard work?" and "As a Minnesotan, you probably know a thing or two about hockey."  When Dave mentions his Midwestern roots/band mates, she changes the subject.)  I think it gives some valuable insight on a musician of which I had very limited knowledge.  He's so much more than just an amazing, powerful drummer.
  • Dave's website is super interesting too.  He's a pretty funny dude.  You can tell he has super active, super creative mind and a killer work ethic.
  • Here's a profile of "sound collector" Justin Boyd.  He does what I try to do with my dopey little "Audio Scratch Pad" entries, only he is infinitely more proficient at it than I am.
  • And finally, enjoy this French site, wherein contributors record the sounds of their neighbors having sex.  Sweet revenge?  Erotic enjoyment?  Who knows.  One thing is for sure:  privacy is dead.

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