Friday, November 1, 2013

Not Having To Use Your AK And Other Reasons To Be Thankful

It's weird:  I lament the end of summer. . . until November rolls around.  And when November DOES roll around, I'm okay with weather that usually gets me down.  Bring on the gray, windy skies.  Rain at night and branches tapping on the windows?  Fine.  Colder temperatures - I'll deal with it.  (I scored one of those sweet Columbia puffy jackets for $25 at Plato's Closet.)  My house is a tad drafty, but we've got plenty of blankets, so I'll be fine.

All that staying indoors in November turns into a subconscious biological imperative to turn inward to reflect and to remember.  There is much taking stock of my life, thinking of the future, and remembering the twisted path my life has taken to this point.  This inward focus manifests itself in pleasant indoor pursuits like reading, journalling, looking at old snap shots and family movies, watching DVDs, whiskey sipping, Foosball, and if I had a dart board, darts.  It's like a "staycation" for my soul.  It makes me feel cozy just thinking about it.

All of this pondering ends up becoming a warm up for my favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving.  Sure, Thanksgiving lacks retail sales, the glitz and amazing music of Christmas.  It does not afford adults the occasion to put on costumes and act like jack asses.  It is, in many ways, the meditative breath on the calendar between the craziness of the holidays.  Thanksgiving is Christmas without the pressure:  you have the socializing, the great food, the comfortable house - all without the hassle of gift-giving or mandatory mass. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, what with all the thinkin' and reflectin' I've done by the point, I'm usually awash in a spirit of humble gratitude and a hankering for turkey, giblet gravy, Cherokee dressing and rolls.  Thanksgiving is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

In honor of this over looked, completely awesome holiday, here is a playlist for you.  I'm not saying I like everything on this list, but have a listen and get thankful, mofos.

Poi Dog Pondering - "Thanksgiving"
Led Zepplin - "Thank You"
Natalie Merchant - "Kind and Generous"
Big Star - "Thank You Friends"
Beastie Boys - "Gratitude"
Neko Case - "Thanks Alot"
Dido - "Thank You"
Sly and the Family Stone - "Thank You (Fallettenme Be Mice Elf Agin)"
Sam and Dave - "I Thank You"
Ice Cube - "Today Was A Good Day"

Got any tunes of thankfulness you'd add to the list?  Put 'em in the comments section below.

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