Tuesday, December 3, 2013

80s New Wave Artists: What Do They Look Like Now?

I ran across this fun little article in my Internet wanderings today.  I learned several things:

  • Despite their best efforts, even New Wave stars age.
  • Like the rest of us, some age more gracefully than others.
  • Many of them aged more or less like I would've expected them to.  A general rule of thumb is the more dated a tune sounds, the crappier the artist aged (b/c they followed trends so closely).
  • Tanning beds and plastic surgery are the enemy of aging gracefully.
  • It's important to dress your age.  If "youth is a feeling, not an age", dress your age anyway.
Here is a small sample of some who didn't age so gracefully - because let's face it:  that's what these articles are made for.  It's the same mentality that drives people to go to their class reunions.  You want to see if these folks look crappier than you do.
Adam Ant
Kate Bush

Limahl (Kajagoogoo)

Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)

Billy Idol

Some guy from Soft Cell

Nina Hagen

Pete Burns of Dead or Alive

And here are some folks who look great:

Brian Ferry (Roxy Music)

Some guy from Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Human League

Terry Nunn (Berlin)

Morrisey and Johnny Marr (The Smiths)

Thomas Dolby
I was shocked at how great Terry Nunn, the Frankie Goes To Hollywood guy, and the Bananarama women looked.  Holy Mary!  I was stunned at how poorly Pete Burns, Chrissie Hynde and Kate Bush* have aged. But maybe they're all real nice people, God love 'em.  (Remember:  if you throw the phrase "God love 'em" at the end of any judgement call, your exempted from judgement yourself.)

* - I think there was a time when this photo of Kate Bush drove men so crazy that it was handed out on moving in day on every college campus in the U.S.

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