Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Ghost Of Christmas Blog Entries Past

In 2011, after I wondered when it was appropriate to kick out the Christmas jamz, I posted the lyrics to quite possibly the most patronizing, ethnocentric song of all time - that I still like for some reason. I also showcased a lovely a capella version of "Silent Night" sung by Leslie Donovan, and I took care of all your Christmas needs by assembling the "Parental Advisory Christmas" playlist - you're welcome!  Santa (and Prancer) left a voicemail of gratitude for the healthy snacks my son left out for him - thank YOU, Santa.  You're the man.

In 2012, I received another voicemail, this time from a complete dumbass who wanted me to fix their computer.  I showcased Fred Marshall's great bass work on the greatest Christmas album of all time, and I linked to a Guardian article about one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time.  I threw in a couple Creekdogs Christmas covers - "Spotlight On Christmas" and "While Roving On A Winter's Night".  (While we're at it, check out the Creekdogs cover of "Merry Christmas From the Family".)  I asked my mom and dad to pick out and read their favorite account of Christ's birth, and this is how it sounds.  It gets me almost every time.

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