Thursday, January 30, 2014

Audio Scratch Pad: Learning The Ropes

Earlier this month, I put the kids to bed and snuck over to my buddy Pete's house to make some music.  Our primary objective was to become more familiar with some of the software and devices we have for recording, editing, and mixing music.  We decided to move as fast as we can and just get something to edit - sometimes, we're both guilty of getting hung up on the details of getting the song "just right".  (Or maybe I should just speak for myself.)  The results are below.  The one called "Zink Experiment" was the result of that get together; the second one ("Mixed") is a later mix/edit that Pete did on his own.  Even though the emphasis was process, not product, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of this little "audio doodle".  Software used:  Garage Band, Caustic 3 (I cannot recommend Caustic 3 enough).  Instruments:  5-string American Fender Jazz Bass (LOVE the tone on that thing!), midi controller and other things I can't remember.  Beats and bass by me; the rest by Pete.  I love the fact that a portion of this was created on my phone.  Fuckin' technology, man.

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