Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rethinking Roger Daltrey: Listen To Rog Masterfully Handle Howard Stern

So the interview below is pretty old (from 2006), but I only came across it this past November.  I don't remember how I happened upon it, but I was doing some pretty mindless, sedentary work, so I was looking for some good background noise and ended up listening to the whole interview.  The interview is worth a listen if you have the time.  Basically, Stern and company were to be interviewing Pete Townshend, and Pete was going to answer questions and sing a few tunes.  As they were preparing to begin the interview, Stern and his crew talked about Pete's legal trouble stemming from child porn charges.  Townshend, who was in a studio in London, was apparently incensed and left without notice.  Roger Daltrey was there as a surprise, and he for whatever reason stuck around to chastise, entertain, and inform Stern and his audience.  Seriously - give it a listen:

Here's what I took from it:

  • Pete is a dumb ass if he thinks that he wasn't going to get asked about the child porn stuff.
  • Pete's the one who comes off looking the worst in this whole shitstorm.
  • Howard is a dumb ass if he thinks anyone would believe that had he been warned not to bring up the child porn topic with Pete, that he wouldn't have done it.  C'mon, Howard: bringing up this sordid bullshit is your bread and butter.  
  • Rog's honesty is delightful, as is his frankness.  He effectively scolds Stern and his cronies, defends Pete, all the while admitting that he and Pete haven't always been the best of buddies.
  • Rog was charming in a very abrasive way, dishing out whatever Stern gave to him with both anger and humor.  Any of Stern's thrusts would parried by Daltrey.  It's really amazing - you can see where Stern is trying to go with some of his questions, but Daltrey handles him.
  • Props to Stern's team for persisting that Daltrey sing along with the yahoo playing guitar in the studio.  It was funny as hell, and I'm glad ol' Rog relented enough to be made a fool.
Of all the members of the Who, Roger Daltrey was probably my least favorite of the guys.  I have to say this changed my mind about him considerably.  I'd have to say Stern was schooled in this case.

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