Monday, May 5, 2014

Trowar To Play Melody Inn In Indianapolis

Great news - Trowar has landed a gig at the appropriately rough and tumble Melody Inn in Indianapolis.  It's June 12th - doors open at 8 PM; we will be the first of three bands taking the stage starting at 9 PM.  This is a benefit show to raise money for the AC system that was stolen from the Mel (!), so there is a $5 minimum donation at the door.  Let's fill this place up!

I'm excited for this show for a number of reasons - to play for folks here in Indiana, to raise money for the second oldest bar in Indianapolis, and most importantly, this is sort of a homecoming for me:  The Melody Inn was my watering hole in college.  My friend Dylan discovered it and started tending bar there, which means I was there pretty much there drinking anytime he was working.*  I was there A LOT.  And I loved it.  I haven't been there since college, and it has changed a lot since then.  From what I can tell, all the changes are for better.  So be there - it's great music for a great cause.  I can't wait!

Trowar plays original power blues very fucking loud.  Trowar is:
Fred Astaire - guitar, vocals
John Astaire - drums
Matt Zink - bass, backing vocals

*-Connect the dots, knowwhutImsayin'?

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