Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beaten To The Punch

Sorry for the long absence, guys.  I've got plenty to say - gig updates, band updates (Three on the Tree is about to bite the dust - insert sad emoticon here), musings about disco, and many other things.  Many of the the blog entries are still in my head; some are half done, waiting for me to finish in my Blogger dashboard.  I'll do it, I swear.

One entry I've been kicking around for years is to do a sort of remembrance on the Great White Force that is Michael McDonald.  There was a time when you could not escape the former Doobie Brother's distinctive voice.  In addition to writing and releasing his own stuff, it seems like he was constantly doing backing vocals on others' hit records or possibly doing a duet with this celebrity or that.  Hell - I even remember seeing him on an episode of "What's Happenin'?" about musical piracy.  When I was young, McDonald's ubiquity bugged the shit out of me.  As I got older, I became amused.  Now I'm sort of jealous - the guy was money in everything he did, and he worked his ass off.  He can just sit back and enjoy his legacy at this point.

Well, someone beat me to the punch on the McDonald article.  And it's a good one - get on over there and read it.  It's got tons of amazing links on the current King of Yacht Rock.  I wouldn't necessarily say I was a fan of Michael McDonald (though some of it is okay), so any article I would've written wouldn't've had the appreciative tone that this one does.  But still - lots of fun, thought provoking stuff in this article.  You should go read it.

Now enjoy Michael McDonald takin' it to the yacht streets.

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