Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Time Is Over/Back To The Mines

Vacation is over for this blog - back to regular updating.  Let me get started by telling you some things that have been going on since I last posted anything.

Three On The Tree is pretty much done.  This is kind of a drag as we were picking up steam and generating some interest.  Leslie Newton (our very talented singer) is moving to Colorado.  As you can imagine, this makes getting together for practice and gigs pretty difficult.  Still, if we had to break up, this is as good a reason as any.  Life moves forward, and this is a positive development for her.  

Speaking of TotT, I've been meaning to share the helpful advice I got in the tip jar from the Easley Winery gig.  It is below.  Despite that feedback (Full disclosure:  I know the culprits.  They were trying to take the piss out of me.)

My trusty upright bass - an Englehardt EM-1 - is about to go on the market.  I love this bass but I think I'm ready to upgrade to a better plywood bass.  I'll post something once I get it on Craigs List.  If I can't get out of it what I need to get out of it, I'll be hanging onto it, loving it "warts and all".

Trowar has been staying busy with rehearsals.  We try to get together every two weeks or so.  We're really putting the songs under a microscope, trying to make sure everything is tight.  It's a little stressful, but these songs should sound pretty amazing the next time we play them out.  We're also moving our "headquarters" from Redmond, WA to Nashville, TN.  This is a bit more centrally located and at least for me, it works out great.  I don't have to burn time off to fly out west for rehearsals.  We will still get together from time to time at Ghost Train studios, but the bulk of our practicing should now happen in Nashville.  We've had one rehearsal there with another coming up next weekend - I'll let you know how it goes.

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