Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bessie Is For Sale

I've been threatening to do it for some time, but now I'm finally doing it:  my beloved "Bessie" is for sale.  It's a great bass, but I'm hoping to upgrade.  She's a great bass - if you live in central/south central Indiana and are interested in buying it, leave a note in the comments section below.

For Sale: Englehardt EM-1
Englehardt EM-1, made in Chicago, Illinois. Gewa heavy duty padded case included - $293 value.
- Plywood bass, spruce top and maple back
- Rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece
- maple bridge
 - Ebony nut
- 3/4 (standard) size
- Strung with Innovation Super Silver medium tension strings - Great for slap and pizzicato playing.
- Fishman transducer pickup included 

Includes several upgrades by reputable luthiers.
- Adjustments/setup nut upgrade and fingerboard dressing by Lucas Marvell
- Adjustable sculpted bridge by Harold "Doc" Evans who also did adjustments/setup
- Setup/adjustments by Stephen Shock 

Good condition (normal wear and tear); there are markers painted with fingernail polish on the side of the fingerboard - this will fade with usage/playing. Considering upgrades and extras (like case and pickup) his is a great student or road bass! Need to sell before Oct. 15 if possible.

Let me know if you want photos or sound samples.

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