Monday, October 20, 2014

Audio Scratch Pad: "Redneck Riviera" - Birth Of A Hit?

Months ago, I sent to my friend Tyler a "talking blues" song about nearby Lake Monroe which I called "Redneck Riviera".  It was mean to affectionately poke fun at those salt-of-the-Earth types who hang out on the lake.  She liked the lyrics, but we never really did anything beyond taking a quick stab at throwing chords to it.  We were never quite please with it, so we shelved it and moved on.

I was at Tyler's house last night practicing for the next Storyzilla show.  You see, Tyler and I played music between the stories at the inaugural show last month, and both the music and the stories were raging successes.*   Usually our practices go pretty well.  We often enter them with apprehension - will we be ready in time for the next show?  will song x make the grade?  will we sound okay? - and leave pleasantly surprised at how the set has come along as well as completely re-energized at the potential for fun at such shows.  Last night, we were both just tired.  Don't get me wrong:  we weren't grumpy, we didn't suck, we just weren't firing on all cylinders.  As practice was waning, Tyler suggested we revisit "Redneck Riviera".  I figured what the hell.  She threw out a random chord progression on the spot and hummed a melody.  Next thing I knew we were doing harmonies and figuring out a chorus (my original version had no chorus).  We were both saucer-eyed:  this thing was coming together.  Holy cow.  It is nothing fancy, but it is coming together.

Embedded below is only our second attempt ever at singing it.  You'll hear lots of little imperfections, but I think you'll also hear why we are so attracted to it.  It's a fun, original tune that's perfect for this little coffee shop gig that features original stories (and music!) all night.  It's interesting to note that we also sing a song that Tyler wrote the words and music for called "M-22", which is about Leelanau County, Michigan.  It's sort of the anti-Lake Monroe.  Totally unintentional, but a nice contrast.

Anyway, as rough as this tune is, I kinda like it.

*-If our music wasn't a raging success, it was at a minimum good enough to be asked back.

"Redneck Riviera (Lake Monroe)"
Words by Matt Zink
Music by Tyler Ferguson

john boat
bait shop
outboard repair
breathing in Coronas
and drinking smoky air
life vest
Polar Pop
fuel mix
basement crop
Nerf ball
hot dogs
2 piece suit
jet ski
Everclear fruit
tackle box
fishin’ lure
propane grill
dance party
salsa spill
hook up
Mountain Dew
sunburned back
pickup truck
rifle rack
filet knife
slalom ski
gas station
pit stop
cricket chirp
golden sky
mud water high

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  1. Great harmonies. Love the simplicity of the tune.