Monday, October 27, 2014

Soliciting Ideas And Performers For Christmas Posts

Longtime readers know that starting in December, I like to post (or repost if no new recordings have been made) performances of Christmas-related audio here for all to enjoy.  Regardless of the audio quality of the end result, I've found it is something I've really enjoyed listening to and/or participating in as the case may be.  I always appreciate what people make because often it involves leaving their comfort zone to make the work.  And I feel grateful - it definitely gets me in the holiday spirit.

This year, I'd like for readers to suggest ideas for content.  What holiday related performances would you like to see posted here, and who would you like to hear performing it?  Would you,  humble reader, like to submit something?  Let's talk!

In the past, we've had:
 - original poems read by the author
 - covers of holiday songs
 - accounts of Christ's birth from scripture (read by my mom and dad - it gets me every time to listen to it)
 - selected readings from popular Christmas programs

What do you have?  Wanna do a radio play?  Sing a song?  Write and read a poem or story?  Start suggesting ideas below.  I'll follow up with whoever might be interested - I have ways of recording performances even if you live far from me, so don't be shy!

Past holiday performances:
 - A cover of Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas From the Family" by the Creekdogs
 - A Creekdogs cover of "Spotlight On Christmas"
 - The Cosby Sweaters' cover of "Blue Christmas"
 - Christmas wishes from some very precocious youths from Ohio
 - I posted a prank call from a person I may or may not know
 - Yet another Creekdogs cover - this one is "Roving On A Winter's Night"
 - Leslie Donovan does a great version of "Silent Night"
 - Here's a Cosby Sweaters original entitled "Peppermint Stick Shiv"
 - My mom and dad read the story of Christ's birth - one of my favorites of the holiday contributions
 - And holy shit:  Santa (and Prancer!) left my son a voicemail!

Why limit it to just audio this year?  Got a cool movie or photo?  (Vintage shit always plays well at the holidays, right?)  Let's talk!  The tone and content of your works don't matter so much; they just have to be entertaining and related to the holidays.  Submit your ideas in the comments section.

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  1. One of my favorite melancholy Christmas songs...Comes to mind on the Christmas' that I have had to spend away from the family.