Monday, November 3, 2014

Photos From This Weekend's Recording Session

I got to spend two days this weekend recording with Amigo Fields in Russian Recordings.  It was immensely fun, and I thank Mary Beth for holding down the fort.  I know it's not easy, and I never, ever take for granted the sacrifices you make for me to take off and do this.

If I get a moment, I'll create a more detailed account of the weekend; but for now, here are some highlights:

  • This CD will mark my singing debut, though it's only harmonies and it's only on one song.
  • I got to play with some really fun folks this weekend.  Beyond being great musicians they just made it a lot of fun to hang out.
  • Russian Recordings is an amazing space.  You can just feel the creative vibe coming from every corner.  And Kyle (engineer) is about as cool and professional as they come.  He worked two very long days, and he was always upbeat and helpful.  So easy to work with.
  • I had far and away the best latte of my life from Hopscotch Coffee, the newest coffee shop in town.  Holy crap, I can't emphasize how amazing it was.  It'll change change your life - it changed mine.  And Hopscotch gets bonus points for the Lebowski reference on their home page - can you find it?
I'm not sure what happens at this point, but I imagine the material will be mixed down and reviewed.  I'll post something when the CD goes live.
View of control booth.

Twin Peaks reference, I believe.

Bessie in the live room.

Some of the studio's instruments in the live room.

These two freaks were hanging in an isolation
booth.  On the left is a Gibson Explorer
bass.  On the right is a totally bad ass Kramer
bass with an aluminum neck.

There is interesting art all around the studio.

Warming up in the live room.

The guitar on the left - an Electrical Guitars knock off of
a Guild - was my favorite instruments.

Me looking all casual and stuff in the green room.  Next to
a sculpture of a hamburger.

Me nailing it on the first take, I'm sure.  (Actually just
warming up.)

Love this hidden treasure - a Gibson RD Artist bass that belongs
to the studio.  Didn't get an opportunity to plug it in and mess
with it though.

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