Friday, January 23, 2015

A Quick One

Tyler Ferguson and I did another Storyzilla Story Show this past Wednesday.  It went very well despite some of the usual frustrations with sound and timing.  In fact, I'd say it was our strongest performance yet, especially considering last second changes that were so "last second" that they occurred during the show.  We only rehearsed once for the show the previous night, and we sounded great.  We only did one new song, but it was a ton of fun and we nailed it.  I had only played it through a few times at rehearsal the night before.

At any rate, that will be my last Storyzilla show for awhile.  It was nice being the house band for this event, and I do believe that Tyler is going to carry on without me.  I have various other musical happenings I want to make sure I'm ready for, and I have concerns I've outlived my usefulness for Storyzilla.  I should be getting back together with Tyler in early March.  We're hoping to revamp our set, work up some more originals, and find more venues to play.  So stay tuned!
Tyler Ferguson (left, on guitar) and I.  The scarf was worn not for
fashion reasons, but because I was cold as hell.  And also,
it's my wife's scarf, so it's something special I can wear on stage
with me.  And also it's made of Alpaca fur, which, holy shit, is
super soft and warm, you guys.

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