Thursday, January 1, 2015

Audio Scratch Pad: Christmas Hangover From 2014

There were some things that didn't quite work out for last month's Christmas music showcase.  Kevin Reynolds and I had started - a bit too late - to work on "Winter Wonderland".  The thought was to give it a Hawaiian feel - it was to be a ukulele and lap steel duet wherein we'd trade leads, with maybe bass thrown in for good measure.  Kevin recorded me playing a rhythm track at his house, then he sent it to me to put down leads.  I did sort of a "proof of concept", a rough track, and awaited to see how his lap steel part would sound on it.  We'd rerecord whatever didn't sound right.  We ran out of time to get this up before Christmas, but I thought I'd throw it up as an "audio scratch pad" entry.  So while this is by no means a perfect track - my playing is quite ham fisted - you could see where we were going with this track.  Maybe next Christmas!

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