Friday, January 9, 2015

Fat Friday Feature: Dethklok's William Murderface (Bryan Beller) On "Deth Theme"

Now and again on Fridays, I showcase some of my favorite bass players/bass parts.  Today, we're going to check out William Murderface's playing on "Deth Theme".  For the uninitiated, Dethklok is a fictional band at the center of Adult Swim's "Metalocalypse", which is a show  you should definitely check out.

I've mentioned before that the world of metal has mostly been a source of amusement for me more than that of a serious interest.  There are, however, definitely exceptions to that generalization.  The various sub-genres of death metal and thrash metal feature some really great drum and bass work - it's a shame that most fans don't make it past the face melting guitar playing.  Because when you listen to the bass player and the drummer in these bands, the good ones are always locked in nice and tight; tighter than you'd think possible for a type of music driven (HARD) by double bass drums.  Such is the case with William Murderface (whose bass work is done in real life by Bryan Beller).  In addition to the galloping fast right hand technique, Murderface must often do the same riffs as the guitar player only on a bigger neck with thicker strings.

I like just about everything I've ever heard from Dethklok, so Google around and see what else is out there.  I have selected for this entry the opening theme from "Metalocalypse" - "Deth Theme".  It's one of the catchiest tunes they do among a wagon load of catchy tunes.  By the way, if you choose to watch this video on You Tube (instead of watching the embedded version below), make sure you read the lyrics listed below the video.  Who says the age of great song writing is over?

And as a bonus, check out this video from Bryan Beller explaining how he plays his bass on "Deth Theme".  Here's packed a lot of really great info in this short clip, talking about how Dethklok performs live, and how he achieves his tone through string choice (definitely not hype), detuning, and right hand technique.  He seems like a nice, talented cat.  He definitely gave me some things to try next time I pick up my bass.  Worth a look if the "behind the scenes"-type videos interest you.

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