Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To Do In 2015: Audio Edition

As each year dawns anew, I usually come up with 3 or 4 goals to attain in the new year.  It keeps me focused; and often, I'm able to attain those goals.  For whatever reason, I've decided to create a 2015 "to do" list instead.*  The difference is that this would be a master list of goals of varying difficulty that I want to knock out this year, knowing I probably won't achieve all of them.  But hell, if I even get most of them, 2015 will rule.

This list covers all aspects of my life - family, work, fitness, etc - but below are some of my sonic ambitions for 2015.

  • Buy new, larger capacity SD card for 4-track recorder.  (done - 5 Jan)
  • Learn how to bounce tracks on 4-track recorder.
  • Learn how to master tracks on 4-track recorder before exporting to PC.
  • Get top of ukulele fixed or replaced.  Though it is playable, the crack in the top - caused by an unknown culprit probably with the name AUGGIE or MARINA - breaks my heart and might get worse with age. 
  • Make a cardboard upright bass from scratch.  This would be a blast to busk with, and they don't sound terrible.
  • Record one ukulele multi-track a month.
  • Learn every bass line of every song for a single album.  I've did this with the Jam's "Sound Affects" (and most of "Setting Sons") when I was younger.  I really enjoyed it and felt like a better bass player for it.  I haven't decided on an album yet, but I think XTC's "Skylarking" or "Black Sea" would be excellent, possibly attainable challenges.
Of course, this isn't the limit of my audio ambitions for the year; just a start.  I want to do more field recordings, and I've already had a lot of musical action this year that I've not yet shared.  Stay tuned - I'll keep you apprised of my progress.

*-I was calling it a "bucket list", but as that terminology insinuates imminent death, I decided to just call it a "to do list".

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