Friday, April 24, 2015

Got My Tickets For the Next Esperanza Spalding Gig

You might recall that the Esperanza Spalding gig I saw a few years ago was a great one.  She's finally coming back to Indiana, this time to a venue that I've never been to, but heard was very cool.  If you'll forgive the pun, I'm very jazzed about her coming to town.*  I've checked her website regularly for years to see if she's coming back to town - no dice.  But she's coming in June, so it should be great!

I will say I have a hint of nervousness about this gig.  ES is going to be performing under an alter-ego named "Emily" if I understand it correctly.  Now pretty much the only person I can think of who has ever pulled off the alter-ego thing is David Bowie.  Remember when Garth Brooks did it and it was universally panned?  It is 9 times out of 10 a horrible idea.  The one thing that gives me some hope is that she is citing Cream as an inspiration for this move.  Will she be doing something along the lines of a power trio?  Will she be doing long, proggy rock pieces?  We'll see.  We'll see.  One thing's for sure:  the bass playing will be parless.

*-Don't forgive puns.  Never.  Forgive.  Puns.  They're crap and I hate them. Hopefully you didn't even get that one.

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