Thursday, April 30, 2015

Guest Blogger: Mom Checks In On The Neil Diamond Concert

My mom and dad went and saw Neil Diamond play at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on April 17th.  Mom and dad have been Neil Diamond fans for quite some time.  I can remember listening to "Live At The Greek" on 8-track more times than I can count in the good ol' '71 Aristo-Craft on slow putts around the lake.  Usually, those rides ended with mom and dad asking us to clean up the dock and head on up to the house so they could float in the boat lift and finish listening to that tape, the lake so calm that the boat didn't move an inch.  Sometime when I was in high school, they went and saw him for the first time at Market Square Arena.  They both really enjoyed it though my mom didn't care for all the pot she smelled in the vicinity of her seats.

Anyway, this was her take on this year's show:
Hey Matt,  You'll be interested to know that Neil is still Neil.  The opening song was I'm a Believer and the amps were so loud we could feel the vibration up in  the nosebleed section.  He was totally drowned out.  All his rockin' songs the band was too loud.  You could understand his slower ones.  I thought maybe he wanted the band (who, as usual, is very talented) to drown him out. But actually, his voice is still good.  He  has great stage presence and is still a good entertainer - goes the whole time with only about 5 minutes offstage - two hours.  The light show was great and I enjoyed the whole thing.On the down side (in addition to what I mentioned above), there's not much leg room (and we were really high - slanted) and my knee was hurting until it got numb.  Other than that I enjoyed it (maybe not $85 worth).
I asked her what her favorite song of the night was, and she wrote:
Think my favorite song (and it seemed like everybody else's) was Sweet Caroline. He sang three of his new songs from Melody Road - they're a bit more mellow. The best light show, and also pretty uplifting, was Coming to America.
So there you have it - sounds like Neil is still knocking them dead! 

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