Monday, May 11, 2015

Crappy Guitar Solos: Two Favorites

I was thinking about Greg Ginn's solo on a cover of Madonna's song "Burning Up".  It is so bad.  So, so bad.  I died laughing the first time I heard it.  I couldn't believe they let it stay on the final version of the tune.  I can't find it anywhere on line, otherwise I'd post it.  Man I really wish I could find it because it brought me such joy.  The thing is I grew to love it in all of it's ugly glory, and the song would be pretty unremarkable without it.  It got me thinking about terrible guitar solos that I really like.  Here are a couple - click the links to go straight to the solos.

The Edge's solo on U2's "Twilight".
Neil Young's solo on "Cinnamon Girl".
I'm sure I'll think of many more for future blog entries.  For example, for every great solo that Howe Gelb does, he does one completely corny solo as well.  So there's got to be some in Giant Sand's oeuvre.  



    1. It's a different one than that version. (Though I really like that tune.) I think it may have been done by the Madonnabes?

    2. Actually, the version I was looking for (and still can't find!) is Watt on bass, Ethan James on drum programming, and Greg Ginn on guitar - he mentions it here: