Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gig At Upland This Weekend

Hello Friends.  Here's your reminder that if you don't have any plans this Saturday, perhaps you should consider swinging by Upland Brewery here in picturesque Bloomington, Indiana, for the Acoustic Roots Festival.  There will be lots of great music, and I'll be taking the stage at 5:15 to play bass for Mark and Misty and the Midnight Munchers.*  We do original bluegrass that is actually good.  Come see for yo'self.  Sure, we may do one or two bluegrass standards, but the great stuff is the original stuff.

This will be broadcast live on WFHB, and I suspect you can probably livestream it on your computer if you live far away.  The Acoustic Roots Festival is a fund raiser for WFHB, so it will cost you twenty five bones (or clams or whatever you call them) to get through the door.  But man, what a deal:  great music, good beer and tasty pub fare await you.  Hope to see you there!

*-Man, don't ask.  I don't know where the name came from either.

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