Monday, May 11, 2015

Other Racket Around The House

The kids have been making a beautiful noise around the house lately.  Auggie is in piano lessons and though he's only had two lessons so far, he seems to be doing just fine with it.  We've asked that he do formal practice a minimum of ten minutes a day, and this is something he does with no complaints at all.  Often he plays longer, but it usually is ten minutes of formal practice, and another ten minutes or more of riffing around with what he knows.  I think this is healthy and I very much enjoy listening to his improvisations.  I do find that I have to give him some room to find his own way - I worry sometimes that bad habits could form.  For example, the material he's currently learning he has practiced enough to memorize.  As a result, he doesn't always look at the sheet music and read what is there.  But I'm working hard to make certain I'm not the source of music related trauma for him - we've all heard those stories from our friends about how much they hated music lessons because an overbearing adult was always riding their ass.  But so far, so good with Auggie.  He has a great ear, now to just get his reading and theory chops up.

Marina made her singing debut at her school's music jubilee.  This is an event that parents can attend wherein the class sings some group songs, and then individual students are given the chance to show off some of their musical talents.  Marina chose to sing the Beatles' "Let It Be", and I was to accompany her on the ukulele.  Originally, she was going to sing "Here Comes The Sun", but she changed it to "Let It Be" two days before the music jubilee.  I worked with her, and I was delighted at how hard she practiced without being nagged by me to do so.  Often, it was her insisting that we do it again, not me.  When I was ready to quit, she was not.  "Again!" she'd shout with a smile.  She wanted it to be good.

The plan was to sing the first verse, then do the chorus twice.  I was looking on some sheet music on the floor - I should've memorized it.  On the repeat of the chorus, I totally screwed up and lost my place.  I fell out of the song altogether.  To my amazement, she finished the song nice and strong on her own.  She sang so well it looked like we planned it.  I couldn't help but give her a big fat kiss when we were done - she's already performing like a pro.  I was glad another parent caught that moment.  It is below.

Marina will likely be doing children's choir at church, and probably some other music lessons later.  I can't wait to hear both of my kids play, and I hope they ask me to play with them as they continue to get better!

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