Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To Everything There Is A Season

I landed a new job recently.  Yeah, I'm a little nervous, but a lot excited.  After breaking the news to my current manager, I fashioned an email to the other members of my team.  Somewhere deep inside my head, my mom's voice suggested I use a verse from the Bible to give the email a nice sense of occasion.  Neither one of my parents are what I'd consider "Bible bangers", at least not in the Pentecostal/Baptist sense of that term.  But they do study the Bible on a regular basis, and it comes out from time to time in conversation/writing.  Me?  I don't even own a Bible to tell you the truth.  It would be phony and probably unwelcome for me to break off some scripture in an farewell email.  But you can't say "no" to mom, even if it's just an imagined inner voice.  As I am a Byrds fan, this seemed like the obvious compromise.  The subject line of the email was simply "Turn, Turn, Turn".  I wonder how many of my bonehead coworkers* caught the Biblical reference?

 *-I mean this affectionately.  They're all great folks.

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