Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Got Some Musical Stuff Happening Now

Hey maybe you've been wondering if I've been gigging.  Not much, but that's about to change.  The CD I recorded on so long ago is ready for it's debut.  Amigo Fields will be doing a CD release party this Thursday for "American Lullaby" 7:30 PM at Player's Pub in Bloomington, IN.  There's a $5 cover, but we'll make it worth your while if you make it.  We've got some stuff planned, yo.  Want a sample from the CD?  See below.  If you listen closely,  you can hear me doing some harmonies later in the song.

If you want to hear more, tune into Glen Furr's show "Locals Only" this Thursday.  Glen came by James' house to talk to us and record some music.  You can listen to it online here.  Just don't hold my painfully obvious mistakes against me.  I promise I'll kill it on Thursday.

Additionally, I just joined the pit band for a local production of the musical version of the ol' skool "Free To Be You And Me" movies they used to show you in elementary school.  I believe that show will be in March of 2016, so you've got time to plan for it (no excuses to not make it).  I reckon I'll have a lot more to share about that soon. I'm actually very excited about it!

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