Friday, June 24, 2016

Keep On Rockin' In The Prius

After years of threatening to do it, I finally did it:  I ponied up for a stereo for our old, beat up '08 Prius.  You see, shortly after we bought it, the CD player - one of the features I was most jazzed about having - petered out.  I've been doing long road trips with no music; or more accurately, with whatever I can find on commercial radio.  Have you ever tried to scan stations on a ten hour drive?  You're lucky if you get 3 songs an hour worth cranking.  You have to wade through a lot of crap for even the slightest satisfaction.  So I mostly just kept the radio off, particularly if the rest of the family was in the car (don't want the kids going deaf any earlier than usual).

What I bought isn't anything fancy, and it doesn't play CDs.  You can connect your phone to it via wire or Bluetooth.  You can take calls via Bluetooth through the car's stereo system, which is pretty fun.  You can load up the tiniest of USB drives with mp3s and have hours worth of entertainment. - the point is, I'm now free to rock, and it has made a HUGE difference in my driving experience.  I haven't yet given it the ultimate test, that is the long road trip to northern Michigan, but I have no doubt it will be freaking.  AWESOME.
Not a transformer; just the Prius with its guts hanging out.

Home brewer and all around good guy Karl installed it for me.  Aside from the fact that I purchased the wrong wiring harness, (which Karl was able to pick up at Auto Zone) everything went smoothly.  I opted to have the stereo installed in the compartment below the stock stereo. The new stereo is behind a spring loaded door - you don't even know it's there until the car is turned on and the control panel glows through the dark-tinted compartment door that covers it.  Bad ass.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to many hours of podcasts and great music.  Vacation is next month.  It's never too early to start compiling the summer driving list . . .

Thanks again, Karl.  We're loving it!

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  1. Sweet. It looks pretty slick behind the door. It even adds a bit of tinting to it (there is a brightness setting if it is too bright at night). I'm gad I could help!