Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Dance: Karl And Holly, Jim and Kim

I had a blast celebrating my 14th wedding anniversary with my wife!  Why not continue the celebration of love?  Let's continue looking at the first dances of my family and friends.

Karl and Holly were into the Avett Brothers at the time they married, so they selected "Living of Love" for their first dance.

Besides liking the banjo part and the chord progression, Karl likes the redemptive tone of the song - about how after a shit relationship, you can still find love.  That that is the love that gets you through other shit you're bound to encounter.

Jim and Kim first danced to Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight":

Jim writes that a different version of the song appeared in a "Star Trek:  Deep Space 9" episode.  In the context of the episode, both of them found it very moving.  The song resonated with Jim and Kim and it more or less became "their song".   Although they might select Wilco's "Far Far Away" if they had it to do all over again, Jim still feels the same way he felt the first time he hears "The Way You Look Tonight".  When he sees his son, looking so "cute and adorable and perfect" he thinks of this song, as when he sees Kim.  It overwhelms him with affection.

Kim and Jim don't listen to the song on a regular basis, but it does occasionally crop up on their Christmas playing lists.  Nothing like swing and/or jazz for the Christmas season - I get that for sure.

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