Friday, January 20, 2017


I've been up since 2 AM.  It's 7:48 AM; I'm at work, and I'm already goddamned tired.  It's going to be a long slog to 5 o'clock today.  The problem is that I fell asleep too early (again); and when I do that, I typically wake up at some ungodly hour and can't get back to sleep.  I could've gotten up and been productive or something, but I chose to waste time.  After reading some blogs, I started randomly Googling bass gear - I was looking at Japanese basses again, and man Tokais are cool basses - and I stumbled across a bass called a Toby Chennell Arco Acoustic Bassguitar.  Holy crap, you have to see and hear this thing.

There are many reasons I love this bass - beauty, build quality, original design; but I think my favorite thing is that it manages to be several types of bass that I fixate upon from time to time.  The portable upright.  The acoustic bass guitar.  The "head turner/rare bird".  It comes with an end pin so that it can be bowed, but I'd never use that.  I just think it's a phenomenal acoustic bass.  Although the video below has many stunning basses showcased in it, I've set it up to start with the Toby Chenell.  (If for some reason it doesn't, skip to 1:14 mark.)  Love that upright tone - deep, throaty, woody, just the right amount of "thunk" on the attack of the note; just the right amount of "mwah" on the decay of the note.  Truly, and amazing bass.

I haven't seen anything about pricing, but I feel confident I could probably get a good used car for what it would cost to get this beauty.  Plus, it's made by hand in the UK, so I'd probably have to wait forever to get it.  Maybe the Takamine TB-10 is a good option?  Oh yes, that would be a great sounding option. . . 

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