Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Make Everyday Sound Like Friday

You may or may not know that this blog's sister blog is The Cool Folder (viewer discretion is advised).  There's all kinds of fun stuff on there: pretty things, hilarious things, political things, stupid things - lots of things.  Check it out - it's a pretty fun little internet rabbit hole in which to lose yourself.  Anyway, I posted a buncha music last Friday that just sounds really good on a Friday.  The thing is, it actually sounds great everyday and there's something for everyone.  So Imma share.  In the search field for The Cool Folder, type "friday playlist" and all those selections will appear.  Better yet, just click here - I've already narrowed it down for you.  This isn't by any means the only dope music posted there, so look around.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brain Flush

Here are some sonically related thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain.  Maybe if I put them out here in the ether, they'll go away.

  • I listened to REM's "Fables of the Reconstruction" this AM.  While I understood the appeal they had for me in junior high, all I could think was "man, this sounds like every other band from 1982 to 1990."  Then I realized that every other band was trying to sound like REM at that time.  That's how you know  your band is influential - when everyone else is trying to rip you off.
  • Speaking of REM, someone help me:  When I went looking for my copy of "Fables of the Reconstruction", I was shocked because on the binding side of the CD is says "REM/The Reconstruction of Fables".  I thought man, how could I have gotten that wrong all these years?  I just Googled it, and it actually is "Fables of the Reconstruction".  What gives?
  • Upcoming topics that I will be writing about (even though I've been planning on writing about some of them for years):
    • The importance of silence in my life
    • The importance of white noise in my life
    • A sonic map of my house
    • Home made tape loops from Junior high (that is, if I can get my hands on the media and convert it)
    • Hate sounds:  chewing with your mouth open, burping, whining
    • Comfort sounds
    • A possible return of the Fat Friday Feature
    • Some more Songwriting 101 showcases
    • . . . and much, much more!
  • I did some simple recordings to help a friend of mine learn how to do somethings on her bass.  I used my Pandora's Box for this endeavor.  I love that device - it is indispensable to me - but there is too much choice.  I spend so much time clicking around, trying to find the right sound and not being totally jazzed about any of them.  I did find one setting that sort of approximates the high gain, slightly distorted sound that Chris Squire uses, but again: it's not quite there.  I have seen the metaphorical peak, but with that particular effects box, I will never reach the summit.  I have to address that issue one day.
  • I'm currently in possession of my brother Jim's 1990s Danelectro, (like this one, which actually has a much better bridge than Jim's, which would be one of the upgrades I'd make if it was my guitar) which with a few minor upgrades would be a truly great guitar.  Anyway, strumming around on it reminds me of how truly awful I am as a guitar player as well as how quickly I get bored playing guitar.
  • Please see "The Black Bachelor" video below.  Not only is it funny, but they have reality show music down cold.  I love how quickly the music changes too - funny stuff.