Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brain Flush

Here are some sonically related thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain.  Maybe if I put them out here in the ether, they'll go away.

  • I listened to REM's "Fables of the Reconstruction" this AM.  While I understood the appeal they had for me in junior high, all I could think was "man, this sounds like every other band from 1982 to 1990."  Then I realized that every other band was trying to sound like REM at that time.  That's how you know  your band is influential - when everyone else is trying to rip you off.
  • Speaking of REM, someone help me:  When I went looking for my copy of "Fables of the Reconstruction", I was shocked because on the binding side of the CD is says "REM/The Reconstruction of Fables".  I thought man, how could I have gotten that wrong all these years?  I just Googled it, and it actually is "Fables of the Reconstruction".  What gives?
  • Upcoming topics that I will be writing about (even though I've been planning on writing about some of them for years):
    • The importance of silence in my life
    • The importance of white noise in my life
    • A sonic map of my house
    • Home made tape loops from Junior high (that is, if I can get my hands on the media and convert it)
    • Hate sounds:  chewing with your mouth open, burping, whining
    • Comfort sounds
    • A possible return of the Fat Friday Feature
    • Some more Songwriting 101 showcases
    • . . . and much, much more!
  • I did some simple recordings to help a friend of mine learn how to do somethings on her bass.  I used my Pandora's Box for this endeavor.  I love that device - it is indispensable to me - but there is too much choice.  I spend so much time clicking around, trying to find the right sound and not being totally jazzed about any of them.  I did find one setting that sort of approximates the high gain, slightly distorted sound that Chris Squire uses, but again: it's not quite there.  I have seen the metaphorical peak, but with that particular effects box, I will never reach the summit.  I have to address that issue one day.
  • I'm currently in possession of my brother Jim's 1990s Danelectro, (like this one, which actually has a much better bridge than Jim's, which would be one of the upgrades I'd make if it was my guitar) which with a few minor upgrades would be a truly great guitar.  Anyway, strumming around on it reminds me of how truly awful I am as a guitar player as well as how quickly I get bored playing guitar.
  • Please see "The Black Bachelor" video below.  Not only is it funny, but they have reality show music down cold.  I love how quickly the music changes too - funny stuff.

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