Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First Dance: Pete And Keri

Welp, my fifteenth wedding anniversary fast approaches.  It's a great time to reflect upon the life my wife and I have built; it's a great time to relive our wedding day, which we both agree was pretty damn fun.  I did an entry last year about our first dance, but I also reached out to some friends and family to learn more about their first dances.  I thought I'd highlight my friends Pete and Keri's first dance for this entry.  Pete answered my questions via email.

Pete and Keri's first dance as a married couple was to a live band ("They were very good!" - Pete) playing the Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere":

Pete reasoned that they wanted something that was "classic and classy and had some staying power" rather than something that was "fleeting or trendy".  If they had it to do over again, Pete thinks they would've selected the same tune since he doesn't recall "being overwhelmed by any romantic tunes since then that have any deep, meaningful significance".  The tune has a special place in his memory, and when he listens to the tune now, he feels a comfort in its familiarity; it hearkens him back to a simpler time.  Although "Here, There and Everywhere" isn't in any regular rotation at Pete and Keri's house, it does pop up from time to time when the music is on "shuffle".

What was your first dance, married people?  Leave your stories in the comments.

Other first dances:

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